About Ilona

Hey Rockstar!

I'm Ilona, the woman behind this brand. I introduce myself unapologetically as God’s Masterpiece and put God as the CEO of my life. I live in Minnesota, a state with over 10,000 lakes. My belief system is to embrace bustling, wavy life entirely and the unforgettable memories we can develop within ourselves, rather than to escape it.

I LOVE to help YOU celebrate the waves of life, learn to 'surf' you, and fully experiencing and nurturing the incredible journey. Our sessions are inspired with the goal to transform YOU, to help You to achieve a peaceful and positive attitude toward life, and to facilitate YOU in appreciating the journey.

To support men and women to believe in their journey through life, to feel empowered, to feel more comfortable and confident within. We want you to stand tall and keep your posture firm. I want you to conquer your fears, face your giant, to finally challenge it. I want you to spread your wings and start to soar. It’s YOUR time.

Welcome to Ilona Parunakova Empower Life Coaching.

I’m grateful to God and excited to continue empowering ministry. God has given birth to this ministry inside me and through me in order to inspire those around me. I provide Life Coaching to individuals from all aspects of life.

Are you ready to celebrate your uniqueness?

Get your confidence back with Ilona.

I’m here to remind you that it’s your time. To make things clear that it is time to dust off your DREAM!

I am focused on bringing a healthy, inspiring, mind-blowing and promising strategy for dealing with life’s ups and downs. I want to see YOU become happier and more confident in making the right decisions toward YOUR goals. I am also devoted entirely to fostering an environment of acceptance and confidence.

About Ilona Parunakova

I can facilitate you to choose the right direction and entering a place of abundance by assisting you to grow yourself and also learn to appreciate things you have in life. And this is the only way to succeed in life. Since an abundant mindset lets you believe that anything you desire is possible.

Life Coach and Bestselling Author.

☼ Helping YOU with the self-belief and authenticity, you need to transform your passion into a profitable business!

Through books like “Godfident Voices,” “SUCCESS WITHOUT APOLOGY,” “UNAPOLOGETIC,” “UINFILTERED,” “UNLEASHED,” and many more. I’ve spent the past months inspiring thousands of people to recognize more of their God-given potential.

My coaching and mentoring services include topics like setting measurable goals and how to deal with challenges of managing time, negative thinking, and strategic thinking. Set up a 30-minute quick meeting to learn more about how I can be the best coach for you.

I understand how it feels to struggle with stress and anxiety, loneliness, self-doubt, and burnout. I also understand how it feels when you are on the verge of giving up. And I know how to deal with those challenges and have eventually learned to be independent and confident in my own imperfect skin.

I appreciate people, expressions, and good tea. And I’d strongly encourage you to overcome whatever is dragging you down, to fulfill your DREAMS, and kicking butt for the better purpose.

Our Mission

“Together, We Can Turn Millions Of Lives.”

To inspire YOU to do all the necessary hard work to become more self-aware, mindful, and make a healthier and more fulfilling life. My purpose is to provide the most OUTSTANDING life coaching that embraces Wisdom, Beauty, Happiness, Kindness, Soothing, and the Results of your Victory.

Our Vision

“To Reconnect with Your Inner Dreamer AND to Embrace Your Unique Life Journey.”

To provide you with successful tactics for increasing focus around personal interests and principles, increasing efficiency, and assisting you to take the right decision in your life. Coaching can help you achieve your goals by nourishing your soul and connecting your life to your dreams and expectations.

Core Values


Everyone has a different personality with a unique understanding of living. When we work together, you will not only be taken seriously but also admired for your individuality.


Acceptance of oneself, who we are, where we stand, and how we take our first move toward growth. Acceptance lets us create space for a sense of wonder, which can help us find the obstacles to reshape.


Acceptance leads to clarity, and clarity leads to self-belief in preference and the decision-making process. I will help you reach clarity. Working with me will teach you to make the right decisions and to enjoy living without regrets.


Behind every brave and courageous decision, there is a person who is resilient. Resilience is the ability to accept the result of their decision and courage to move forward.


I will help you create a comforting, secure, empowering lifestyle, connected to a community, and self-actualization to unlock your victor and let you develop into your maximum potential.

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