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Do you want to dream again?

Are you trying to bring joy back into your life?

Do you feel exhausted trying to prove your worth?

Do you feel bankrupt for pouring yourself into everyone and not getting back anything in return?

Do you want to roar like a lion to stand up for yourself?

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells to avoid a confrontation, maybe because of fear of rejection?

I can help you find your voice, be free to be you and approach life with convenience, and manifest your visions, hopes, conquer your fears to fuel your success and get your dreams back on track.

As a Minnesota life coach, I can support you in dream creation – becoming more clear about yourself, what makes YOU special, never lose hope, and pursue till you succeed.

Is This You??

  • I’m reluctant to speak up at meetings.
  • I struggle to make the right decision for myself.
  • I’m feeling lost and unsure about my life’s journey.
  • I’m stuck inside myself and don’t know how to get out.
  • I need help in managing stress.
  • I’m suffering from low self-esteem.
  • I’m unhappy at work
  • I am stuck at my boring life routine
  • I feel drained from trying to please everyone

Attain Clarity & Rekindle Your Passion For Life.

  • I’ll help you bringing God-Sized Dreams to Life!
  • I’ll help you become your true self, follow your dreams, and live your purpose confidently!
  • I’ll also equip you to get your self- esteem back and discover your inner strength
  • I’ll help you identify the various “voices” you are listening to

Stop being trapped and start moving forward…

Meet The God’s Masterpiece

Personal Life & Holistic Health Coach

I’m Ilona Parunakova, a Speaker, Author, Master Life Coach, and Global Magazine Publisher. I’m determined to help you discover your self-identity to let you feel more confident in your own skin. I can guide you to regain control of your life's steering wheel, find the gears, and focus on your journey!

I'd rekindle the spark with "things" in you, a slight, determined step toward Life, Reality, and Writing. I can help you Stop Spinning Your Wheels and unleash your life!

I’m an Integrative Health Coach, Resilient Identity Guru and Self Confident Empire Builder Expert, and a Productivity Coach who helps men and women find their life's purpose and feel more confident.

“Ilona Parunakova Empowers designed to help more people find the strength and confidence to look at their lives, professions, relationships, and in themselves to find the solution that gives them true satisfaction, purpose, and inspiration.”
Ilona Parunakova

Ilona Has Been Featured On..

I want you to:

  • Find Your Voice,
  • Be Free To Be You
  • Approach Life With Convenience
  • Manifest Your Visions, Hopes, Dreams
  • Conquer Your Fears To Fuel Your Success
  • Get Your Dreams Back On Track
  • See You Smile Again

Attain Clarity & Rekindle Your Passion For Life.

  • Support you in your dream creation
  • Help you to find your voice
  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Guide you to discover the Unique YOU
  • Ignite your passion for life
  • Unleash your potential from within

I Believe Statements

I believe Coaching helps individuals realize their full potential.

I believe our struggles and mess don’t define our identity or fate.

I believe that we are all here for a reason to fulfill our life’s purpose.

I believe that being a life coach is a lifelong journey and not a one-time training.

I believe that change occurs when we are conscious of all aspects of who we are – psychologically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

I believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; we don’t have to prove to anyone our worth! We are God’s Masterpieces!

Holistic Approach To Each Customer

Your Book Writing Coach & Magazine Publisher

Explore Packages

I provide continuous life coaching services or Health Coaching programs.

✓ One hour zoom meeting ✓ 15 minutes bonus weekly calls ✓ Unlimited text and emails

Life Coach

12 weeks of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
coaching sessions
Final Conversation

Health Coach

6 month of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
coaching sessions
Email Support

Book Writing Coach

1 year program of coaching
Pre-coaching Conversation
Coaching sessions
Email Support

10X Best-Selling Author

Meet your Book Writing Coach Ilona Parunakova The Goddess Of Voice, a 6X Best-Seller Author, Keynote Speaker, and Founder and CEO of IP Resilience Global Magazine. She is an International TEDx speaker and is featured in Fox, NBC, CBC, Influencive, Powerhouse and Forbes Magazines. Ilona introduces herself unapologetically as God’s Masterpiece and puts God as a CEO of her life.

Are you ready to build resilience and accept change to convert hardship into opportunities With Ilona Parunakova?

Solution Focused Therapist
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David Jackson

I discovered that I enjoy my profession; the pressure and exhaustion I experienced were due to a lack of self-confidence, an inability to say no, and failure to structure my day so that it began and ended appropriately. I’m keeping the hours I’ve set aside for balancing and going forward with a number of ATTAINABLE OPPORTUNITIES. My energy and ‘inner peace’ are at their highest levels in years.

David Jackson

Hair Stylist.
Nicole Nick

Ilona came into my life at a time when I was experiencing many ups and downs. I had previously hired a Personal Trainer and a Mentor, so I felt I needed a Coach. I can’t believe I’ve been looking for one for so long. Ilona was successful in bringing clarity to a hectic life.

Nicole Nick

Fashion Designer

Ilona is a natural leader, and a great listener whose professionalism and eye for detail are remarkable. Thank you so much for everything you did for me as a trainer, Ilona. For treating me as a human first, then as a customer. Our sessions covered a wide range of topics, from transactional to transformative leadership. I’m glad to have had you by my side to guide me.



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